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restoring joy, inspiring hope


Quotes Mrs. McGibbon was always there for me and helped me through my toughest times....without her I would be far from where I am. Quotes

Quotes Mrs McGibbon is, as a professional - goal oriented. She has set goals to achieve with the individuals she meets with and works relentlessly to get it done. Very much God centered and works from there outwards. She also integrates her faith into her work. Quotes
Racene J.

Quotes She sparks light and makes her environment one that is comfortable, serene and "light". Quotes

Quotes With her warm and genuine personality, I could relate to her and express my views and opinions openly and comfortably. Quotes

Quotes ...continue to bless lives because you surely were a blessing to mine! Quotes

Quotes Finishing this...year would not have been possible without her! It was truly a blessing working with her! Quotes